05 July 2010

the super-pyrotechnic recap

Hope you had a happy fourth, friends! I have a little surprise for you:

So yes. There were fireworks yesterday. And I got a chance to put the fireworks setting on Rick's camera through the paces. (Fireworks setting?! Thanks again, Mr. Kelby.)

But I realize that fireworks are not a particularly surprising find on a day like the fourth, and in answer to your question: no, they were not the surprise I'd been hinting at.

Enough suspense already? Ok, here you go. Scroll just a wee bit further...

That's right. Fire dancers. (fire! dancers!)

And this picture was taken, for any of you digital photography enthusiasts out there, in "aquarium mode." Which was the surprising best choice to get a portrait-style photo.

Oh, yes. Yes, I hear you. This is a moment that practically begs for a long shutter release.

I obliged.


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