28 May 2009

This is a non-sequitur to distract from the fact that flickr photo sharing is (temporarily) down.

Though it does also remind me of a long-ago Brian Dewan song. The one about the outlaw who was hanged, and his body traveled the country as a sort of roving tourist attraction, and when interest in that waned he was painted to look like King Tut (?), and years later was acquired by a circus who used him as a mannequin in a haunted house (some sort of hanged specter), and it wasn't until he fell and was damaged in some way (I think his arm fell off?) that anyone realized it was an actual person and not a mannequin.
I was thinking about that song when I took this picture. Which was months ago.

Somehow this all came up again this weekend. I expected Rick to bat an incredulous eye at me once I'd explained the premise of the song.
Instead, he thought maybe it was true? That maybe he heard it on NPR?

Weird news junkies, I beseech you...

27 May 2009

photo by dogseat

Because I love creative facial hair, road trips, and rad blogs.

(And yes, Summer, reluctantly I invite you in.)

22 May 2009

at sunset my bike casts the best shadows
Yes, more bikes. But also: Memorial Day weekend -- so I can hardly be blamed for this. (Anyway, this one is mine. Hooray!)

Picnics and sunshine and one extra day,

21 May 2009

Yesterday morning a bicyclist on the nearby trail stopped to wave hello to the train as we passed.
I'm so excited to get riding on my new bike I could burst.

20 May 2009

I worried our ghost would choose to stay at the old place. But no; (lucky us!) he moved too.
I heard him last night, checking it all out.

19 May 2009

Every time I think about joining up project 365, I remind myself of my first (failed) attempt and the fact that I would like to shoot more film.
I wonder if either of these considerations will end up making a difference.

18 May 2009

I wonder why it makes a man feel awkward when a woman opens a door for him. (Or is my office more old fashioned than I realize?)

15 May 2009

new math via andrea

This seemed a nice thought to marinate through the weekend hours.
(But in a "get to doing" sort of way. You know?)

14 May 2009

moody spring
in the backyard; Untitled; nnn; Untitled

Spring as I wish it were, courtesy of 'roid week.

13 May 2009

Photo by mommycoddle

This is, I think, the best. Possibly ever.

12 May 2009

Food for thought. (And pardon my awful pun.)

01 May 2009

who? me? play with expensive yarn?
I left a spot of pink on the walls in your favorite room -- under a switch plate where no one will find it. So there'll always be a little bit of you there, baby boy.
And the rest of you, we hope, will follow us.