31 March 2009

van gogh and cezanne walk into a bar
We are all akimbo over here: garage sales, paint brushes, cardboard boxes. And not much else to say.
But it was well past time for some new scenery on this page, don't you think?

25 March 2009

euroflax emerald
Everything must go! Or it feels that way, at least. Even the yarn and I need to part ways.
But the great purge has a quieting effect. It seems to expand the boundaries rather than draw them in.
The view from here is infinite.

24 March 2009

Our big secret this spring is that we are moving. The reinvention urge has hit us hard this year.
I notice the process brings out my superstitions; I am ever watchful for omens. Today -- lucky me -- I found this:
May you always have courage to take a chance and never find frogs in your underpants.
Ah. Blessed by spam. Now my heart is light.

20 March 2009

On the way home from Grandma's we got caught in a dust storm. Then a rain storm. Then we listened to the team at This American Life explain the banking crisis.
Changes are afoot over here. And we are giddy.
(Well, except for Lila. She has her suspicions about all this.)


Oh, and happy first day of spring. Today truly is the start of something new.

19 March 2009

Not to be outdone, however, Miss Mt. Shasta puts on a pretty good show herself.

18 March 2009

spring rain
The sky that graces the I-5 corridor between Redding and Sacramento is the most beautiful I have ever seen.
Every time I go by it makes my breath catch a little: more lovely than it was before.

17 March 2009

I think I might have recast the division of labor just a bit. But still, I love this unabashedly. Because I am a huge sap.

16 March 2009

at the apple's core

14 March 2009

What do I love about Grandma's house? Everything.

13 March 2009

Um, not that I tend to anthropomorphize or anything.

12 March 2009

8 of 12
This photo depicts:
a) a deepening obsession with Cascade 220
b) a nascent phase of ripple fever
c) all of the above

11 March 2009

Carl Kerenyi, the Romanian historian of religion, introduces his book on Dionysos by saying that his first insight into the god of wine came to him in a vineyard – he was looking at the grapevine itself and what he saw was “the image of indestructible life.” The temples are abandoned, but the vine still grows over the fallen walls. To explain the image, Kerenyi distinguishes between two terms for “life” in Greek, bios and zoe. Bios is limited life, characterized life, life that dies. Zoe is the life that endures; it is the thread that runs through bios-life and is not broken when the particular perishes…Dionysos is a god of zoe-life.
In his earliest Minoan forms, Dionysos is associated with honey and with honey beer or mead. Both honey and grape juice became images of this god because they ferment: “A natural phenomemon inspired a myth of zoe,” writes Kerenyi, “a statement concerning life which shows its indestructibility…even in decay.” When honey ferments, what has rotted not only comes back to life – bubbles up – but its “spirit” survives. Moreover, when the fermented liquid is drunk, the spirit comes to life in a new body. Drinking the mead is the sacrament of reconstituting the god.

excerpt from The Gift, by Lewis Hyde

This is not precisely what the book is about, by the way. I’m just sharing this quote because it is (inadvertently) the clearest explanation of the eucharist I have ever heard. And also because it makes me wonder:
This image we have had of Dionysos/Bacchus over the last several hundred years as a libido- and good-times-driven drunkard – is this an image handed down to us from the ancient Greeks? Or is it the relatively recent creation of Christians who wish to downplay the similarity between Dionysos and Christ?

10 March 2009

in the sun
Someday this blue wool will grow up to become a skirt.

09 March 2009

Jury duty today. Which is not so bad, really.
We were blessed with a two-hour lunch break. And right outside my door was sun and parks and city and the bustle of people -- this is what my office is missing.
I felt like I could fly.

07 March 2009


One box of Dynamo donuts, 15 minutes later.
toasted coconut, meyer lemon huckleberry, bacon-apple with maple glaze, vanilla glaze, banana dulce de leche, caramel de sel, orange...
To be fair, though, there were three of us.

06 March 2009

pink pouf

The baby shower planning committee gave me centerpiece duty. I gave them pink poufs. (And yes, there is a lighthearted obsession with pink in my office.)
I've never really liked carnations all that much, but now I think I understand them.

05 March 2009

sunning herself

Henrietta enjoys the morning sunshine. (She and I have a lot in common.)

04 March 2009


I made a purl frog for my boss' baby shower. I debated a bit about embroidering the eyes; but yes, it turns out she does need them. Now she is alive (wonky stitching and all).
I named her Henrietta. I had some trouble saying goodbye.

03 March 2009

This Site Under Construction

And why not? There are lots of small, wonderful changes going on in real life; why not small, wonderful changes here too?

It will be discombobulating here. For a bit.

But then we will emerge. Renewed.